2016 – Frame & Picture Shoppe Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Framing a Lasting Legacy of Preservation

Kimberley Breil stands behind the desk in the Frame & Picture Shoppe on Boston Post Road. Behind her are hundreds, if not thousands, of Kimberley Breil and Sassy - Frame & Picture Shoppe celebrated 20 years in business in 2016half picture frames of all styles and colors, nested neatly together along color gradients. The effect is surreal; one that simultaneously soothes and dazzles the eye.  Sassy, her two year old Yorkie, waits nearby, patient and observant.

Breil is a Certified Picture Framer (CPF) who, over the course of her 30 or so years in the business, has been trusted by clients throughout the region with the presentation, preservation and protection of their most treasured possessions. Her business turns 20 this month and she’s framed everything from priceless works of art to irreplaceable family photos. She’s even framed a 150 year old Christening dress.  It’s a great responsibility, she says, and it’s one she takes seriously…

Breil’s deep knowledge of framing and her commitment to the craft have earned her the respect of both her clients and her peers. She reveals that she was recently named chair of the Professional Picture Framers Association’s International Competition Board, a prestigious appointment in the world of framing…

At the Frame & Picture Shoppe, as she has for the last 20 years, Breil will continue carrying the torch in a field that’s becoming less and less crowded.  She takes solace, though, in the fact that it won’t be going away any time soon. As long as people feel the need to preserve the precious antiquities of their past, the world will need framers like her.

Read the complete article by Peter Vancini, Turley Publications Correspondent, March 16, 2016